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Offering Women’s Cancer Screenings Throughout October 2022

Some cancers cannot be prevented, finding them early is the best way to improve the chance of successful treatment and reduce the number of deaths caused by cervical and breast cancers.

Cervical Cancer Screening*

Getting regular Pap tests help your provider find and treat changing cells before they turn into cancer. Recommended for women over the age of 21.

Breast Cancer Screening with a 3-D Mammogram*

To treat breast cancer, you must find it. 3D Tomo mammography offers an improved image for tumor detection, especially in dense breast tissue. Recommended annually for women over the age of 40.

Women's Wellness Wednesday cancer screenings are available to established Barton Health patients every Wednesday in October 2022.

To schedule, please call 530.543.5623.

*Insurance will be billed. Most insurance companies cover preventive care services and wellness screenings. Check with your insurance to confirm coverage.