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Woman uses her laptop to video chat with her doctor for a telehealth appointment in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Virtual Visits

Virtually Expanding Access to Care

Many Barton Health medical offices and service providers, including primary care providers, are now able to meet* with you virtually to continue to offer consistently exceptional care while keeping you safe at home.

Call your provider’s office to schedule your Virtual Visit.

Virtual Visits include:

  • Telehealth: Video chat with your provider like you would your friends or family on Zoom Health, a free and secure platform.
    • Safe, private video access to your health care provider using a secure server, encrypted healthcare communication platform, with recommended security settings to avoid events in recent news.
  • Telephone: Have a phone visit with your provider for a check-in or a quick follow-up.
  • E-Visit: Send non-urgent medical questions or prescription refills requests to your healthcare team securely through MyChart.

* Standard cost-sharing per your health insurance plan may apply with all provider virtual communications.

Contact Information

  • Call your provider’s office to schedule your Virtual Visit.
  • Telehealth/ video appointments use Zoom, which you can download to your computer or mobile device:

Apple Store Google Play
Or download a web browser extension from Zoom.

COVID-19 information, vaccine distribution and visitation policies - learn more about COVID-19 operations at Barton Health.