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Tahoe Challenge
MEDical Wilderness Adventure Race

South Lake Tahoe, CA - September 21, 2019

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Q: What is MedWAR?
A: Think of an off-road triathlon (kayaking, mountain biking, hiking) done with a 4-person team + orienteering + route finding + medical scenarios solved in the field = MedWAR.

Q: Do we have to go through every checkpoint?
A: Yes and no. You will have to hit the few major checkpoint where medical scenarios will be staged. The minor checkpoints will add to your score at the end. It may be difficult to get all of the check points.

Q: Does everybody have to participate in every part of the race?
A: Yes, your team needs to be together at all times. Your team must be less than 100 ft apart at all times.

Q: Do I need to be really good at mountain biking?
A: No. There will be all levels of mountain biking with trail difficulties on the map. You can avoid certain sections or walk your bike through them.

Q: What if I don’t get to the major checkpoints in time?

A: There should be plenty of time to get to every major checkpoint, however, if there are time cut offs. If you do not make it in time, you will be shuttled back to the race finish.

Q: Do I have to pay any additional fees?
A: No.

Q: Why do we need benadryl as a first aid kit?
A: It’s a medication that will help if anybody on your team has an allergic reaction.

Q: Where I can learn more about wilderness medicine?
A: Paul Auerbach, MD's book "Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine" is a great wilderness medicine resource for anyone. 

We strongly encourage taking a Wilderness Medical Society course or attending their conference, or the registering for the National Conference on Wilderness Medicine at Squaw Valley near Lake Tahoe in August.

Q: Does it matter if the team is made of all males females, or mixed?
A: No

Q: I don't have a team of four, can you place me on a team?
A: Yes, please email us and we will connect you with teams needing additional teammates.

Q: What happens after the race is done?
A: There will be FOOD, a debriefing going over the medical questions, and good times.

Q: I want to volunteer. What is needed, and how can I get involved?
A: Please go to the volunteer tab.

Q: Is there camping?
A: Yes, learn more on the location tab.

For any other questions please contact TahoeMedWAR@gmail.com.