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Barton Health provides a variety of excellent medical services for patients, employees, visitors and the community. With over 50 years of providing healthcare for South Lake Tahoe, El Dorado County and Douglas County communities, services have expanded tremendously with numerous state-of-the-art technological and facility upgrades, from a multi-million dollar Heliport for emergency patient transport, located above the Emergency Department, to the new Nutrition Services Department. The implementation of the pharmacy computer and automated dispensing system is part of an overall effort that Barton Memorial Hospital has made to reduce and eliminate the potential for medication errors, thus improving the quality of patient safety. Medical Imaging integrated RIS (radiology information system) and PACS technology (Picture Archiving & Communication System) allow physicians to work electronically.

In keeping with Our Mission, Barton Health is dedicated to the delivery of safe, high quality health care to community members and visitors.  We are committed to compassionate, personalized, comprehensive and responsive treatment of all of our patients and other guests.

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