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Inpatient Dietitian Services

Barton Nutrition Services
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What to expect from the Registered Dietitian while staying at Barton Memorial Hospital

  • Our Registered Dietitian (RD) checks all hospitalized patients for nutrition risk. If you are at nutritional risk due to illness or disease, our RD will provide a nutritional assessment and develop individualized care plan with you.

  • The RD's job is to make sure you receive an optimal diet to meet your recovery needs. If you need a nutritional supplement or shake to boost the nutritional value of your diet, our RD will work with you to find the best one to fit your needs.

  • If you are on a therapeutic diet such as, a diabetic, cardiac, low sodium, or low protein diet, etc. the RD may visit you to determine your need for education and counseling. Nutrition education and counseling will help you manage your illness or disease once you return home.

  • You may request a consult with the dietitian at any time. Let your nurse know you would like to speak to the RD, and within 24 hours you can expect a visit by the dietitian.