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Barton Health Executive Team Members

Clint Purvance, CEO & President Barton Health

Clint Purvance, MD,

President/Chief Executive Officer
Kelly Neiger, Chief Financial Officer, Barton Health

Kelly Neiger,

Chief Financial Officer
Elizabeth Stork

Elizabeth Stork,

Chief of Human Resources Officer
Matthew Wonnacott, MD

Matthew Wonnacott, MD,

Chief Medical Officer

Barton Health Board of Directors

Wendy David

Wendy David,

Pat Fry, Barton Health Board of Directors

Pat Fry,

Vice Chairman
Abby Killebrew, Treasurer and Secretary

Abby Killebrew,

Shawn Anderson, Barton Health Board of Directors

Shawn Anderson

Pat Baghdikian

Pat Baghdikian, MD

Kathryn Biasotti

Kathryn Biasotti

Kirk Ledbetter

Kirk Ledbetter

Sherry Mlynsky

Sherry Mlynsky

Jeff Rahbeck

Jeff Rahbeck

Chuck Scharer

Chuck Scharer

Stefan Schunk

Stefan Schunk, MD

Robert Chester

Robert Chester, Emeritus

The Board of Directors of Barton Health provides the leadership that governs and sets hospital policy. Their hard work and dedication is very much appreciated. All Board members are required to be Barton Hospital Association members. All community members who wish to have a greater voice and involvement in the hospital should consider joining the Barton Hospital Association.

Association Membership requires a $1,500 tax-deductible contribution through the Barton Foundation. Each person may purchase a maximum of 1 Association votes.

The benefits of Association membership starts with gaining an active voice in the future of Barton Health. Association members are invited to the annual meeting in June where information is shared about what the hospital is currently doing as well as future direction. Association members vote on issues at that meeting. Association members are eligible to run for a board position and vote on the same.

Association requires resident status in either El Dorado or Douglas County for a 2-year period. Memberships can be transferred to anyone at any time. At this time, we are not able to accept memberships from Trusts. The membership form should be completed and returned with your $1,500 per vote requested to Barton Foundation, 165 Hwy 50, Stateline, NV 89449. Additional questions should be directed to Administration.

Ex-Officio Members

Clint Purvance, CEO & President Barton Health

Clint Purvance, MD,

President/Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Amanda Weavil, Barton Health Chief of Staff

Amanda Weavil, MD,

Chief of Staff
Melanie Turner, Barton Health Foundation Board of Trustees Chair

Melanie Turner,

Foundation Chair
Larry Coffman

Larry Coffman,

Auxiliary President