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R+AD Program

Rehabilitation + Athletic Development Program $149/month

Improve your rehabilitation and recover like professional athletes by training while also going through physical therapy. With the R+AD program, Rehabilitation and Sports Performance are completely integrated to give you the boost to your overall fitness, performance, and recovery in a safe and effective program.

  • Physical Therapy: Work with your therapist as established by your orthopedic physician.
  • Integration: Your therapist will work closely with the performance coaches to develop a program that supports your rehabilitation process by working your entire body and protecting the injury.
  • Sports Performance: Support your overall fitness goals by continuing to safely train with an injury and continue to train after recovery.

Program Pricing: $149/month for Performance Training, not including Physical Therapy

Get Started

To get started, come in for an assessment with one of our accredited coaches for a personalized evaluation that includes the past, present, and future of your training, eating, and recovery habits. Together we will develop your program to meet your fitness goals.

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