Bone Health & Osteoporosis

Bone Health & Osteoporosis

As you age, your bones may thin and weaken to produce a medical condition called osteoporosis. When this occurs, your skeleton is prone to break from minor trauma. Living an active, outdoor lifestyle increases your risk of fracture so it's important to know the health of your bones.

Common osteoporosis risk factors include:

  • Family history of Osteoporosis
  • History of adult fracture
  • Small or thin frame
  • Poor diet (insufficient Vitamin D & calcium)
  • Inflammatory Bowel disease, Rheumatoid disease
  • Cancer, Thyroid or Parathyroid disease
  • Excess smoking or alcohol
  • Insufficient or excessive exercise
  • Perimenopause, Menopause, Postmenopause
  • Steroids, Thyroxine, Anti-seizure/ anti-cancer medications, Immune Suppression

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