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Barton Health Offers Outpatient MRI Unit in Stateline, NV

Posted: 04/21/2021

(South Lake Tahoe, Calif.) – Barton Health now offers Outpatient Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) at the Stateline Medical Center in Stateline, NV. The Outpatient MRI unit offers similar pricing to other free-standing imaging centers in the region while delivering the same high-quality patient experience as Barton’s hospital-based MRI units. 

With this outpatient unit located within Nevada, Barton is able to offer patients high-quality imaging at affordable rates in the Tahoe basin. Specified MRI services at this location will cost $1,125* and, as always, patients without insurance and choosing a cash pay option will receive a discount of 30% resulting in an out-of-pocket cost of only $787*.

“We have listened to the needs of our patients and understand the challenges of having to leave the basin for procedures of this kind,” said Tom Davis, Director of Medical Imaging at Barton Health’s Medical Imaging Department. “We’ve adjusted to meet those needs through an outpatient service that’s convenient and cost effective.”

The unit features state-of-the-art MRI technology including Short Bore and Wide Bore imaging for patient comfort. Short Bore MRI utilizes a smaller footprint, allowing parents to be in-room with their children during procedures. Wide Bore MRI offers more room within the machine, providing more comfort for patients with claustrophobia as well as the ability to accommodate larger patients. Patients’ results are automatically uploaded into Barton’s electronic records, ensuring their medical provider has immediate access. 

Patients with a provider referral can be seen at Barton Outpatient MRI for select services including MRIs without contrast for brain, shoulder, knee, ankle, foot, wrist, elbow, cervical, lumbar spine and thoracic spine. Other MRI procedures not offered at Outpatient MRI can be completed at the MRI Suite at Barton Memorial Hospital.

Barton Outpatient MRI is currently working on finalizing in-network insurance contracts. Until that time, patients may choose to pay cash at a 30% discount and bill their own insurance or Barton will bill the insurance on behalf of the patient.

Patients with a provider referral should call 530.543.5850 to schedule their MRI appointment and receive a cost estimate based on their current insurance or cash pay option. For more information on medical imaging services and technology available at Barton Health, visit

*Radiologist fee will be additional.