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Barton Health Honors Physician of the Year Recipient

Posted: 04/07/2021

(South Lake Tahoe, Calif.) – Barton Health staff members and physicians have voted Rhonda Sneeringer, MD as Barton’s Physician of the Year. Dr. Sneeringer received a landslide of nominations recognizing her for outstanding leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Sneeringer is the Medical Director of Outpatient COVID-19 Care and the Director of Pediatrics at Barton Memorial Hospital.

“Dr. Sneeringer stepped up as a fearless leader of our response programs in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Dr. Matthew Wonnacott, Chief Medical Officer at Barton Health. “Her medical knowledge and commitment to stay up-to-date on the constantly evolving information about COVID-19 paired with her strong work ethic developed into an unmatched resource for Barton’s staff as well as our community during a time of great uncertainty.”

Nominations for Dr. Sneeringer included comments that spoke to her tact and fortitude on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic, during which she was a champion for patients, healthcare workers and the community as a whole.

“Dr. Sneeringer not only is a fantastic pediatric physician but has been paramount with the COVID pandemic ambulatory operations and community outreach. She is amazing and deserves this award!”

“Incredibly smart, motivated physician. Easy to work with. Has been instrumental in leading the hospital's COVID response from an MD perspective.”

“She has been doing such an amazing job during the COVID pandemic with great clinical help and COVID care in all facilities! She has been instrumental in giving our community the best possible care during this pandemic!”

“I am not sure how any of us (COVID team, BMH, or community) would have gotten through this pandemic without Dr. Sneeringer leading the way.”

“She has been a constant source of encouragement and support.”

“Her dedication is unmatched. Thank you, Dr. Sneeringer for helping us get through the worst year ever.”

Dr. Sneeringer has been the Director of Pediatrics at Barton Health since 2012. During her tenure, she has served as the Chief Medical Officer and more recently, the Medical Director of Outpatient COVID-19 Care. She has an abundance of experience, having practiced as a Pediatric Emergency Physician at Skyridge Hospital and Rose Hospital in Colorado and as an Internal Medicine and Pediatric Hospitalist at Swedish Hospital, also in Colorado.

Because of the hard work and dedication from physicians and healthcare workers who share Dr. Sneeringer’s commitment to collaboration, service, and caring for the community, Barton Health has implemented pathways for patients to receive appropriate care in the safest possible environment and is prepared for the ongoing response to COVID-19. For the latest updates and information, please visit