Mind Over Weight Matters

Mind Over Weight Matters

The Mind Over Weight Matters Workshop is designed for individuals interested in learning how to shift their relationship to food, eating and weight. This 4-week group health coaching program will work with individuals to explore how to shift behavior change and jump start a new healthy approach to eating.

Each group health coaching session will focus on varying elements of weight, healthy habits, mindful eating, emotional eating and cravings. Participants explore strategies designed to overcome self-identified barriers and negative attitudes centered around weight. Some benefits of this workshop include:

  • Experience group health coaching to bring support and accountability to your health goals
  • Shift your thinking about food and healthy habits
  • Explore how mindful eating can help you in your approach to food
  • Learn new skills to avoid emotional eating and cravings
  • Discover techniques to reduce anxiety and stress that negatively influence your eating habits
  • Discover ways to stop dieting and adopt a lifelong positive attitude to food and eating
  • Explore barriers and learn strategies to overcome them
  • Feel inspired and ready to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle centered around food and eating

Mind Over Weight Matters: $100

Barton Center for Orthopedics & Wellness
2170B South Ave.
So. Lake Tahoe, CA
* If you are looking at the front of Barton Memorial Hospital, the Robert Maloff Center is on the far left; closer parking is available inside the adjacent parking garage.