Classes & Groups

Classes & Groups

Community health and wellness education is offered for the Lake Tahoe community and visitors, ranging from classes and lectures to ongoing support groups.

Wellness Classes Support Groups
Wellness Lectures Wellness Outings
Group Fitness Classes Total Joint Replacement

Childbirth Preparation

We invite parents to attend classes at approximately 28 to 30 weeks. In 'Childbirth & Beyond: Preparing for the Journey' students learn about preparing for the hospital, when to check for admission, pre-term indicators, relaxation/breathing techniques, birthing process, labor positions, and pain management. Learn more or sign up.

Infant CPR

Infant CPR is for new parents, grandparents, babysitters, nannies, and anyone who wants to learn lifesaving infant CPR and choking relief skills but does not need a course completion card to meet a job requirement. Learn more or sign up.

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