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Complete Health Improvement Program

CHIP LogoBe Your Own Best Medicine

Many health and weight-loss programs provide information in the hope that you change your habits- The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) is different. CHIP will help you make long-lasting lifestyle changes by addressing the causes of chronic disease and teaching you to use your own lifestyle as your best medicine. It is never too late to take your life back! Over 90% of past participants would recommend CHIP to others.

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What is CHIP?

Complete Health Improvement Program, is a science-based, lifestyle change program. CHIP includes a series of video education on various subjects spanning nutrition, exercise, stress management and sense of purpose in life. CHIP encourages participants to adopt a plant-based dietary pattern throughout the series; to encourage active participation, recipes, culinary demonstrations and tastings are regularly provided.

  • Whole-person health focus in a group environment with dynamic group discussions and peer support.
  • Integrates nutrition, exercise and stress management tools.
  • Includes culinary demonstrations and tastings.
  • Co-led by Dr. Greg Bergner, Medical Director of Lifestyle & Wellness and Adriana Covell, Health Coach and Nutritionist.

How can it help?

CHIP is designed to attack the root causes of much of the disability and premature death seen in Westernized cultures. Traditional medical care today is largely reactive, treating disease symptoms rather than their causes.

  • Avoid, arrest, or reverse common lifestyle diseases: cardiovascular disease, Type II Diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure.
  • Improve health knowledge, energy, desire to exercise, resilience, and life fulfillment.
  • Significant measurable changes are consistently recorded in as little as 30 days.

Past Participant Successes
Over 90% of past participants cites a desire to lose weight as one reason for joining our CHIP series. Also cited was a desire to avoid or improve an existing chronic conditions, such as lipid elevation, medication avoidance or reductions, diabetes prevention or improvement, or an improved sense of well-being. Past results include:

  • Participants achieved an average weight loss of ten pounds.
  • Participants with hypertension (high blood pressure), on average reduced their systolic by 11 mm Hg and diastolic by 9 mm Hg.
  • Average blood pressure reduction by all participants was 4mm Hg systolic and 7 mm HG diastolic.
  • Participants with total cholesterol over 200 achieved an average reduction of 38 mg/dL.
  • Participants with over 100 LDL cholesterol achieved an average reduction of 22 mg/dL.
  • 100% of participants with prediabetes reversed their condition.

What will you get?

CHIP creates a science-based target for participants to achieve, and monitors progression through biometric recordings and lab draws. Active participation is an essential element to CHIP. 

  • Pre and post health-risk assessment.
  • Pre and post lab review and consults.
  • Twice-weekly local, facilitated group sessions with material presented by world-leading experts.
  • A comprehensive tool kit including: Eat More cookbook, Learn More workbook, Live More textbook & Move More exercise book.
  • Help with cooking, food prep, exercise and online program content.
  • On-going support meetings to maintain your new lifestyle changes.

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