Claire Hewitt-Demeyer

Claire Hewitt-Demeyer

Claire Hewitt-DemeyerOutdoor enthusiast and passionate backcountry snowboarder, Claire has navigated an incredible rehabilitation journey following an ACL and Double Meniscus surgery with Barton Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Kyle Swanson, culminating in her triumphant return to snowboarding this winter season.

Through steadfast commitment to her rehabilitation program, Claire's proven herself a dynamic and determined rider. Her positive attitude is an outstanding trait and her smile: contagious. Claire continually pushes herself to be the strongest possible rider in all terrain, hoping to inspire other black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) as well as other female riders to cross the boundaries, and go beyond where the chairlift takes them.


A mantra by professional snowboarder and Barton Athlete, Claire Hewitt-Demeyer (@wheres_claire_now). Back from a double meniscus and ACL surgery, Claire has shown that no matter what stands in your way, it's possible to achieve great things with a little bit of positivity and a solid team to back you up. With commitment to her Barton Rehab and Performance programs, Claire returned to big mountain riding on her splitboard this winter, racking up 70 ride days and counting. When you see her at the Center, just beware - her smile is contagious!