The Alter-G, an anti-gravity treadmill, is geared toward clients who are seeking an opportunity to train at a higher level. The Alter-G can be utilized for performance therapy by including over-speed training (8%-13% faster than fastest speed), interval training (30 second speed repeats/1 min slow jog), and hill training (up to 15% incline). Over-speed training with a faster leg turn-over un-weighted allows for fast-twitch fibers to be recruited more easily in a weighted environment via muscle memory.

The Alter-G is also useful for clients who are looking for reduced impact training and conditioning or weight control and reduction while strengthening and improving coordination of muscles protecting surrounding joints. Athletes looking to increase their speed or recover from a hard training session have seen that training on the Alter-G has helped them achieve their overall fitness goals.

The Alter G Pro 200 allows for video recording of athletes’ walking or running form and can be replayed at slower speeds to analyze biomechanics easier.

$200 for 10 sessions - call 530.539.6045 today to book your Alter-G Performance Lab session!